Хорошие блины в калину 2 ы двери


While it’s nice to have spacious houses that allow for plenty of movement and freedom, there’s something to be said for small хорошие блины в калину 2 ы двери that encourage simplicity, connections, and frugality.

Without the extra space you’re forced to really consider what you bring into your home and how you want your house to feel. To inspire a downsize, here are 11 examples of small modern homes around the world that show how style can be achieved even on a smaller scale.


1. This tiny narrow house is spacious enough on the inside to comfortably fit a family of three.

Unemori Architects designed this small house in Tokyo, Japan.


хорошие блины в калину 2 ы двери

This small house sits on a tiny triangular lot next to a river.

Mizuishi Architect Atelier designed this riverside house in Tokyo, Japan. Photography © Hiroshi Tanigawa.


It would be easy to overlook this small house surrounded by other houses if it wasn’t made from glazed black brick with white marble accents.

Liddicoat & Goldhill designed this small black brick house in London, England.

4. This narrow house fits tightly between the two houses on either side of it and makes up for it’s narrow width by being хорошие блины в калину 2 ы двери taller than the other houses around it.

Atelier rzlbd designed this tall narrow house in Toronto, Canada.

хорошие блины в калину 2 ы двери

Photography by borXu Design.

5. Tucked into the rocks of the Norwegian coast, this small dark wood home is just big enough to create a cozy space for one or two people.

Asante Architecture & Design designed this small house on the coast of Norway. Photography by Marius Rua.


This small single level home features a modern design that makes it stand out from the rest of its natural surroundings.

Architect 11 designed this small cube-like house.

Photography by Architect 11.

7. Despite its tiny size, this modest family home stands out from the others on the street with it’s clean simple design and low maintenance yard.

Coo Planning designed this white modern family home.


What this small house lacks in width, it makes up for in height, creating a uniquely shaped home from the outside with a spacious interior.

Yuki Miyamoto Architect designed this small, open house in Tokyo, Japan. Photography by Masayoshi Ishii.

9. This tiny secluded cottage home is the perfect size for a couple of people to escape the city life and unwind in the quiet mountains.

Kolman Boye Architects AB designed this humble contemporary cottage in the Norwegian Archipelago.

Photography © Åke E:son Lindman.

10. The bright white color of this summer house makes хорошие блины в калину 2 ы двери stand out against the greenery of the surrounding area and gives it a contemporary look.

DinellJohansson designed this small white summer хорошие блины в калину 2 ы двери in Хорошие блины в калину 2 ы двери, Sweden.

Photography by DinellJohansson.

11. Built to replace an old house that had to be torn down, this new home combined aspects of the traditional architecture of the city as well as modern details to create a small modern home that fits in with its neighbors but stands out on its own.

Jaro Krobot architekt designed this small modern home in Lucatin, Slovakia.

Photography by Martin Karsnak.

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