Электровентелятор ваз 2106 параметры

The topic is not new, most likely the opposite. Information on the Internet is abundant in the installation of the Hungarian generator from 2108 to 55A.
But I will write about it.

It turned out that the generator from 2108 I have already been more than two years, and write about it was decided only now.

Электровентелятор ваз 2106 параметры, okay … In general, after peeping on the Internet in the электровентелятор ваз 2106 параметры manual, I decided to install a generator, since I did not have a native G- 221, and from Lawn, which did not suit the power. I got a generator completely free of charge. After doing a revision to the generator (brushes, PDSH, propayka) I started to install.
If the mechanical part of the installation of the generator is clear, then the electric is not quite clear.

The deal is as follows:
on the generator Vaz 2108, the generator control lamp starts to burn when the battery is charged, and it dries out after the engine stops. No order.
I scored on this lamp электровентелятор ваз 2106 параметры disconnected it altogether. Not exactly. I put relay 527 instead of native 702, as advised on the Internet, and the lamp did not react at all.

I tried several pieces of relay — no result. I did not mind it — instead of a salon clock, there is a voltmeter from 2105, better than any электровентелятор ваз 2106 параметры.

The relay left its own, from 2103, only the brushes remained on электровентелятор ваз 2106 параметры generator.
Today, preparing to install a torpedo from e30, I decided to make all the lamps burn.
Again I went back to the relay.

I tried again, all possible connections are not, it does not help. Only relay 702 has achieved a constant burning of the lamp. But after starting it must be put out. I just changed the connection.

Consider the operating principle of the PC 702:
The relay in the rest mode has closed contacts 30/51 and 87, they must be opened after starting the engine. There are two outputs 85 and 86 — these are the terminals of the coil that attracts the contact.

We go further. There is no voltage at the output of generator 61 (yellow wire) the engine is idle, after start-up, it appears. It's good to put 87 on the lead plus after turning on the электровентелятор ваз 2106 параметры (orange wire.

электровентелятор ваз 2106 параметры

It has one more terminal that you need to insulate or cut it no longer) but on the 30/51 lamp wire (black) on pin 86 we connect a wire from the generator (yellow) and left The output of relay 85 is connected to the ground (housing). And everything, we are happy with the working lamp.

I tried to stage a lack of charging by the method электровентелятор ваз 2106 параметры power failure PP — the lamp reacts, and shows the lack of charging, which was required.

Ie, do not listen to anyone, do not change any relay 527 and others, leave your own, just connect it differently.

Here is an elementary schematics (in электровентелятор ваз 2106 параметры pint I do not draw much, but the essence is clear):

Elementary scheme

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